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The 2018 Emergency Management Conference is just around the corner at the
Embassy Suites in Norman. Training days will be on Sunday and Monday in two
locations, the Embassy Suites and the National Buy Tramadol online UK. The conference
begins on Tuesday and runs through Thursday. The awards banquet will be the
evening of Wednesday. We have a great line up of training, speakers and breakout
sessions for all attendees this year. We will round out the conference with the annual
OEMA business meeting on Thursday morning.

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re-election for our positions ambien for sale overnight delivery.

I encourage any member who is interested in holding a position on the executive board
to run for these positions. These positions are key positions and it is always good to
have new people and fresh ideas to continue to move the association forward.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2018 Emergency Management Conference.
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OEMA President
Director Rob Hill OCEM
Stillwater Emergency Management Agency
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OEMA Bulletin Board

EMA would like to recognize H.D. "Bud" Ramming on his retirement on April 1. Bud
has been the Emergency Management Director for Garvin County for the past 10
years and served as the Deputy Director since 1979.

Bud, we wish you all of the best in retirement and thank you for your selfless
contributions to your community and to the State of Oklahoma.

Please join us in congratulating Bud Ramming on his retirement. Congratulations Bud.

OEMA Executive Board

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder to please send session ideas now for the 2019 Oklahoma Emergency
Management Conference in August.

This conference is for the entire emergency management community and partners, so
as always, we would love to get your suggestions for topics and presenters. If there's
something you'd like to see presented or discussed, now's the time to let us know.  
Please provide your ideas to
keli.cain@oem.ok.gov February 15.

In addition to session topic descriptions, please provide speaker suggestions and
contact information if you have it.

The conference location and exact dates are not finalized, but we will send a "Save
the Date" as soon as we know.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your suggestions!!

Keli Cain
Public Information Officer
Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management
(405) 521-2481 Office