As I begin my new position as President, with the Oklahoma
Emergency Management Association, I wanted to take a moment and
reflect on the past few years. When I was elected as Vice-President
of the association three years ago, I can assure you that I did not
fully understand all that would follow, or all that it would entail.
However, after working with a such an accepting and supportive
group, I came to enjoy the position. I made new friends, met new
partners, and we even made some positive changes along the way.

As we say goodbye to Roger Jolliff as our President, I want to take a
moment and personally thank you, Roger. Thank you for your
support, your encouragement, your leadership and direction.  You
became one of my new friends and someone that I came to trust. I
only hope that I can do as good of a job as you have done. Thank

While in my position as Vice-President, Paula Cain was asked to
fulfill the vacancy of Secretary. Paula was no stranger to serving on
the board and graciously accepted. She made her position look
effortless and executed her duties professionally and without fail.
Paula, I want to thank you for filling in as Secretary. I want to also
thank you for being my friend and someone that I can bounce ideas
off of.  I hope you enjoy your free time and rest assured, I will be
calling on you soon.

I want to thank the Association for believing in me and trusting that I
can continue on the same path as the great leaders that lead the
way before me. As President, I promise you that I will work with the
Association Board, the Area Vice-Presidents, the Membership, and
our partners at the State Office of Emergency Management to
provide an environment amicable to everyone. Provide an
atmosphere that will foster growth and provide direction for
emergency managers of today and those of the future.

Most of all, I want to thank my family for their unending support and
understanding of the demands of the job. I want to thank my
coworkers for providing me with an environment that allows me to
accept these opportunities to serve.

This is a great honor for me, and I am humbled and grateful for this
opportunity. I look forward to serving as the President of the
Oklahoma Emergency Management Association.

OEMA President
Director Rob Hill OCEM
Stillwater Emergency Management Agency
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